Conversation and support

A place to talk, find a connection, help each other, ask questions, discover our activities, or simply have a tea 🙂

Thursday-Friday workshops

Come cook, paint, dance, play music, etc. with us! You can also share your passions and propose activities:


We are looking for mentors and mentees.

Let’s create short movies together project

Working from topics and stories that we will choose together, we aim to create short videos filmed with our mobile phones during the next 6 weeks.

Cuisine Lab

Cuisine lab is a community of locals and newcomers, sharing our love of food and cooking as a catalyst for intercultural exchange, personal growth, and integration. We emphasise sustainable practices through sourcing our ingredients locally, celebrating our community’s diversity, and building loving partnerships.

Refugee Cultural Festival

With an increase of migration, more human beings are living in new cultures and countries for many different reasons. In Geneva, we are blessed to live in an  incredibly beautiful place with rich diversity of people. We’ve also noticed that all these amazing people from various cultures do not always have opportunities to connect and create relationships.  We asked ourselves what could we do. Voila, The Refugee Cultural Festival was born!