Code of conduct

We want everyone to feel safe and comfortable at all our events. We are committed to providing a harassment-free experience for everyone, regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, physical appearance, country of origin, social or administrative status, religion (or lack thereof), creed or musical tastes. We do not tolerate harassment of anyone in any form. That’s why we ask everyone (volunteers or participants)  who joins us to respect one another by abiding by the following code of conduct.

Everyone pledges to:

  • Work together to create events and environments that are inclusive, supportive and encouraging to all, promoting participation and cooperation
  • Assign roles according to talents and abilities, but also preferences
  • Treat each other with consideration, sensitivity, courtesy, tact and respect
  • Live life outside the bubble! Converse and collaborate with others.
  • Enshrine consideration for environmental impact in all decisions
  • Treat all people as unique individuals and value their beliefs, opinions, knowledge, privacy and experiences irrespective of their country of origin, religion, age, gender, etc.(see above) Let’s do our best not to put people in limiting boxes and avoid generalizations; let’s ask questions and be interested in our differences. We can learn many things from each other. Assumptions and stereotypes get in the way of cooperation and understanding. Let’s learn about each person’s experiences having an honest and respectful dialogue.

Important:  if you don’t want to be photographed or filmed, just kindly let us know and we will be mindful. (we do take pictures and make videos at most of our events, and use them for social media)

In case of non-respect of this code, please refer to our statutes (in French).