We are an enthusiastic community who values human dignity and diversity as well as mutual respect, understanding and support. We believe that real human connections and small steps enable big positive change. Together, we co-create a safe space, where everyone can thrive. We connect people from different cultural and social backgrounds. Starting with what we can learn from each other, we foster personal and professional growth. We enjoy uncovering our and others’ talents and sharing our passions through activities, projects, and workshops.

Summer break and September news

Interactions is taking a summer break. We will not organize activities this summer in a formal way; however, if you want to enjoy some of the Geneva free Summer activities, you can join our what’s app or facebook group. The idea is to let others know if we are going to attend such or such concert, movie, picnic, etc. so that we go together. Everyone can suggest things to do! : if the link does not work, please look for Interactions Community

Contact us with your phone number and we will add you to our What’s app group:

On September 13 we will hold our General Assembly, a great opportunity to get involved in the coordination of an activity and project which we will decide upon together. More information here 

What is Interactions?


Conversation and support

A place to talk, find a connection, help each other, ask questions, discover our activities, or simply have a tea 🙂

Thursday workshops

Come cook, paint, dance, play music, etc. with us! You can also share your passions and propose activities:


Anyone can be a mentor. You just need to be willing to share your knowledge.

Cuisine Lab

Cuisine lab is a community of locals and newcomers, sharing our love of food and cooking as a catalyst for intercultural exchange, personal growth, and integration. We emphasise sustainable practices through sourcing our ingredients locally, celebrating our community’s diversity, and building loving partnerships.







Treasurer and Activity Coordinator


Head of mentoring project

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Upcoming events

There are no upcoming events at this time.